Mobility Products


Parallel Software proudly announces its newest product: The AuthPort iPhone and iPad credit card software. With AuthPort, you may now process your transactions where ever you are on the road. This new product allows you to save your transaction data in the app as well as email your customer their receipt.

To process a transaction, simply enter the amount, swipe the customer's card with our extremely durable hardware that plugs into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The card swipe hardware Parallel has chosen to interact with AuthPort is the Linea Pro/Infinea Tab line of devices provided by Infinite Peripherals. This hardware has proven to be the most durable and rugged devices you can find in the mobile market. As a matter of fact, these devices are used in the Apple Stores.

Also included in this page is a merchant account application so that you may get started as soon as you can. We interact with as a credit card processor, or as a gateway processor to your own back end processor.

Click here to get started to apply for your merchant account with!

To download the AuthPort app to your i-Device, please go to the App Store.